Staffing Solutions

At Tech USA we’ve been servicing the diverse staffing needs of the nation’s top institutions, including many essential businesses and organizations focused on our country’s Critical Infrastructure for two decades, so we understand well that people are the driving force behind the growth and success of your business. Whether you need national project staffing and implementation support or a single technical contractor, the right people make all the difference. In today’s dynamic business environment, how you manage and implement your staffing strategy can determine your success. Tech USA has the expert staffing solutions, including Critical Infrastructure Workers, to help your business succeed.

Why Tech USA?

Customized Staffing Services: We offer a comprehensive suite of staffing services that we will customize to meet your specific goals.
Industry Experts: Tech USA has specialized recruiters in each of our 4 industry-specific divisions that are trained to understand and satisfy your unique recruiting needs.
Technically Screened and Qualified Candidates: We employ a comprehensive screening process whereby candidates are screened and interviewed by industry experts.
Contractor Management System: We invest in the technology to give you an easy to use and efficient contractor management system that saves you time and money. Our online system accurately tracks worker hours, purchase orders, invoices, job orders and recruiting and hiring process.

General Staffing Service Offerings:

Contract Employment – Tech USA, utilizing the screening process outlined above, will place a mutually agreed upon Tech USA contractor with your organization to work on a contract basis in order to complete a short- or long-term need. There is no obligation to employ the contractor once the contract/project is complete.
Temp to Perm (Contract to Hire) – After passing through Tech USA’s extensive screening process, a contractor will be placed for an agreed upon time. At the end of the contract period, clients will have the option of taking that person on as a permanent employee, with no additional fee. This service provides an excellent opportunity to “try before you buy”, thus ensuring the employee is the best fit for your company culture.
Perm Placement (Direct Hire) – After thoroughly outlining the job description and qualities of the ideal candidate for each client, our strategic recruiting team will find and source candidates of all levels for a direct hire. This service insures a much more appropriate and qualified individual, as Tech USA has a nationwide database of thousands of applicants from which to choose.
Payroll Service – If you have already identified qualified candidates, but would like someone else to handle the paperwork, insurance and payroll for that individual, Tech USA will hire the candidates, who will then work on assignment with your organization for an agreed upon bill rate at a low margin to your company.

Recruiting Process

Tech USA is committed to supplying you with only the best and most qualified candidates for the job. We go to great lengths to fully screen and qualify all of our candidates.

Job Qualification: We take the time to fully understand your job description, work environment, technical needs, and future goals. This gives our recruiters the tools to qualify a candidate on multiple levels and find the perfect fit for the job.
Strategic Recruiting: Our specialized recruiters know their market inside and out and proactively interview candidates on a daily basis in order to keep the most current database of qualified candidates in the market. Once they have a detailed job description we develop a recruiting strategy to target, source and qualify the best candidates for the job and deliver you the true power of people.
Screening: We are dedicated to conducting a thorough screening process consisting of phone, Skype, zoom, and in-person interviews, reference checks and technical testing, drug screening, and full criminal, driving and credit checks, if necessary. Before you see a Tech USA candidate, you can be assured that they: meet your technical requirements, have a strong interest in the position, have been comprehensively briefed on the job, and have received positive references from previous employers.