Sustainability Commitment

Tech USA is committed to helping create a more healthy and sustainable future. We recognize that our resources and energy are not limitless and commit to dedicate time to our communities, promote energy efficiency/waste reduction, and encourage healthy lifestyles for our employees.

Community Involvement:

Our employees offer support and volunteer time for many charitable organizations, both locally and nationally. Please visit our Philanthropy page for details of our most notable philanthropic endeavors. Our goal is to continue to encourage each team member to give back in the community and support more charitable organizations in 2019.

Energy, Water Use, & Waste Reduction:

Tech USA has made many efforts to help reduce the carbon footprint of our daily business operations. These efforts include but are not limited to working in offices with motion sensor lights and faucets in order to prevent energy/water waste and providing coffee mugs for each employee to reduce waste of disposable cups. We also utilize the signature tool in Adobe to reduce the amount of paper we are using. Our goal continues to move towards being 80% paperless, by enrolling in e-Docs for new hire paperwork and invoices. We are also going to implement more stringent recycling programs for Paper, Bottles/Cans, Batteries, etc.

Workforce Injury & Illness Reduction:

Our employees are the key to the success of our organization and we believe in investing in their health and wellness. The goal for 2019 is to continue to encourage this lifestyle and provide our personnel with discounts for gym memberships, yoga classes, etc.

Tech USA will continue to make progress and strive to become an evolving sustainable organization socially, environmentally, and economically. We realize the invaluable impact of creating a greener future and will continue to generate awareness in all partners, clients, employees, and stockholders in our organization to do the same.